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The Beautiful and Damned

A Product of a Versatile Mind in a Restless Generation

23 June 1986
I'm Felicia. I'm a twenty-six year old World History and Genocide Studies dual major who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am an agnostic-leaning Reform Jew, into radical politics, and am somewhat of a misanthrope despite my strange urge to help the world all around me. I've managed to win the genetic lottery twofold with both Bipolar II and Multiple Sclerosis.

I enjoy needlework, linguistics, activism, reading, creative writing, art, couponing, a plethora of television shows, and good music. I am addicted to dark roast coffees and tea. Speaks French, Russian, Japanese (and some broken Hebrew, Yiddish and Northern Saami.)

I mod art_nouveau, ontd_jews and (reluctantly) atheist_fail.

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